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Buy Original Xanax Online - Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

Xanax Buy Online

Derwent Students, Newcastle 1

Buy Original Xanax Online - Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

Buy Original Xanax Online - Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

Opening in September 2015, Newcastle 1 promises unbeatable stylish accommodation for all those studying in the city.

Newcastle 1 offers accommodation to suit everyone, from en-suite rooms within a shared apartment to the luxury of your own spacious studio, we have got it all!

Offering all the essentials including WiFi and with contents insurance and bills included in the price there is nothing extra for you to worry about.

If that’s not enough there is also an on-site gym for the exclusive use of Newcastle 1 residents along with numerous great social spaces throughout the site.

Key facilities

• Free 50mb WiFi
• Great location within walking distance of the university
• Furnished to a high standard
• ¾ and double beds
• Common spaces throughout the site with Sky TV
• Bike storage
• En-suite &studio rooms
• All bills included
• Free gym exclusive to Newcastle 1 residents
• Free contents insurance
• 24-hour security
• On-site laundry facilities
• Social events calendar
• ANUK accreditation
• Secure on-site parking (T&C apply)

  • wifi Wifi
  • cctv CCTV
  • kitchen Kitchen
  • bike Bike Storage
  • security Onsite Security
  • freezer Freezer
  • common Common Room
  • ensuite En Suite
  • maint Onsite Maintenance
  • broadband Broadband
  • security Secure Door Entry
  • digital tv Digital TV