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Private residential student halls are growing in popularity with students impressed with their all-round offering including inclusive rents. However, there are a number of tips that will help you decide which private halls are for you. Tip one: Start your search for private halls early. Don’t leave it too late since demand for private residential […]

Listed 4 months ago

There are lots of reasons why private residential student halls are growing in popularity with first year students and those looking for quality accommodation. It may be that the student has missed out on halls of residence that managed by the University and so private polls make perfect sense. In addition, after the first year […]

Listed 5 months ago

Packing to move into your private student halls of residence is stressful. How do you know what you’ll need, what everyone else will already have and what one item from home will make you feel human again during exam week?! We’ve put together a list of the things you and your parents will probably never […]

Listed 5 months ago

Going to university and living a student life is becoming increasingly expensive and there will be some young people wondering about the cost of their private student halls of residence. Indeed, many young people are concerned about the financial impact their educational choices have on themselves and their parents – so much so that going […]

Listed 5 months ago

The assumption that a university student will spend their first year in university halls of residence and then move to a grotty private rented home for their second and third year is becoming old-fashioned; private student halls of residence are becoming much more popular. They fair favourably in comparison to university halls of residence and […]

Listed 6 months ago
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